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Binzhou Huimin: net brand propagation time

Huimin belongs to the "blue yellow circle" strategy. Efficient ecological economic zone of the Yellow River Delta, Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone economic interchange, two national strategic overlap, coastal areas facing the dual historical opportunity hitherto unknown, once in a blue moon. Huimin nets industry leveraging "blue yellow" strategy, the brand gold content increased continuously, become a "rich" and "Huimin" engine. As Huimin County Magistrate Li Shoujiang said: "enterprise development cannot do without the brand support, is the brand awareness, brand is the cohesion, the brand's value added."

Brand and boosting industrial expansion

Li Shoujiang said: "the net industry low carbon environmental protection, is a pure green pollution-free advantages of industry, market potential is enormous. But if the lack of brand support, the industry can not be bigger and stronger."

As everyone knows, corporate brand building, to take the good faith as the foundation, the quality of the products and product characteristics as the core. Only in this way, can we cultivate consumer credit awareness, enterprise products that the occupation rate of market and economic benefits. In recent years, Huimin County Party committee, county government around the "undertaking into the development of Binzhou, the overall goal of speeding up among the province's advanced county", attaches great importance to the rope net industry brand to create work, the brand construction as the key link for the realization of industrial upgrading and enhance the core competitiveness, through various measures, to create a good environment for brand building.

It is worth mentioning that, Huimin County to carry out the brand training activities, improve the regional small and medium-sized enterprise brand cultivating a sense of the rope net; take the initiative to go out, Huimin nets widely promote "in the national scope". According to statistics, the county has organized net industry forum and all kinds of meeting 25 times, Guangzhou fair and Canton Fair this kind of activity is a session does not fall, and repeatedly won the big.

The strength of the brand without a doubt. After years of unremitting efforts, Huimin nets industry cluster expansion growth. Especially in Huimin County chemical fiber rope has become the country's largest production base, the strongest chemical fiber rope.