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Chinese net industry where the road

Domestic and imported rope rope often spread a hundred times China net industry where the road

"Speaking of the rope, the first reaction of most people are 'rope what tricks'. If this is the rope net industry manufacturers think bad -- unfortunately, is what they think. This is why Chinese production line only 7 cents to 1 meters, while imports of rope to tens of dollars to 1 meters, the price is often a difference of 100 times." Dean, Donghua University professor Qiu Yiping each about textile industry is always care-laden China net, "it remains at the level of the agricultural society."

Over the past few years, Professor Qiu Yiping apart from school work, the rest of the time is spent on to the rope manufacturing enterprise of science, or to help enterprise technology R & D -- high-tech rope can even up to the moon "ladder", Qiu level that hopes to help Chinese enterprises to create this kind of ladder.

The rope is the most widely used product

The rope is the earliest textile, as early as 3000 years ago, appeared in human life. If the world no rope, no net technology, life cannot continue. Because in addition to all kinds of fabric, architecture, navigation, and even airplanes and rockets will use the rope.

For Prof. Qiu Yiping, saw the rope, the first reaction is what material to use rope, how to weave. "Different the rope must be made of different material and weaving method, such as past marine cable must be hemp rope, even repeatedly tempered steel cable can not be used for navigation -- expose to the weather, the cable will not two months bad light. Not to mention the cable self weight as long as more than 50 meters, will own to lift off."

Net industry has strategic position in each country, he cited an example, chemical fiber rope, although very common, but before the Second World War, chemical fiber materials are not used in a rope. It is because of the axis was cut off the Allied parachute Silk raw materials -- supply, the United States began to try to make the parachutes and parachute rope used in chemical fiber, emerge as the times require new disciplines and cable mechanics.